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The Battle of Dazar'alor

The new raid is here... and we are working our way through heroic, and then transitioning into Mythic... always recruiting talent... stay tuned for new videos

new video live!

About Destiny's Bane

About us...


First and foremost, we are a zero-drama guild. We raid with integrity and people are held accountable for their actions.

We are not a hardcore raiding guild.

Founded in Vanilla on May 25, 2005, Destinys Bane is a Horde Guild on the Skullcrusher realm. Now a connected realm with Black Dragonflight and Gul'dan, we are perfect for many, many alts. We are a fun-loving, tight-knit guild. Many members feel comfortable on a first-name basis. 



Raiding w/Integrity


Raid Nights are Tuesday & Thursday 8:45pm to midnight (EST).  Occasionally a third optional night may be used for progression.

While we enjoy progressing on some of the most challenging raid content, we also realize that all of our members have a life outside of the game.  RL > WoW always.  With that said, it is still expected that every raider shows respect for officers and eachother by being fully prepared for the raid with consumables, and knowledge of the encounter and your class / role.

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Off hours..


In addition to raiding many of our other members spend a considerable time running around Azeroth.

PVP, Pet Battles, Auction-House Shenanigans and of course pushing all levels of Mythic+ content are just some of the in game activities we enjoy.

When not in Azeroth.. you can find many of our members active on twitch or playing a host of various other games.


Battle of Dazar'alor Progress

Some of our guild members like to stream and upload progression on youtube and twitch.

Check out some of our recent progress..

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